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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Surviving the week without Daddy

5 more days to go!!!!! All 3 of us are sick, and I am thankful for moms and moms in laws who take healthy kids when Mommy has a sinus infection. Found out text messaging works in Mexico so I can sort of contact hubby but I miss him terribly.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Good Bye to the old 12x12 albums

Okay so Creative memories is doing away with their old 12x12 albums and coming out with a new real 12x12 album, so I'm thinking we may have to have a scarpbooking good bye party this weekend. Say Saturday the 16th???? WT is gone to MEX so the kids will be here but it still could be fun :). Call me if you're interested.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Timber our new dog

Yes he has a mind of his own. Yes he is mischievious and loud at times. Yes he loves the snow. I guess he fits in just fine in our household.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

What's new

Let's see: 1. We have lots of snow.....the last storm dropped about 2 feet on our back porch, so driving has been a challenge but it's been pretty. 2. For all practical purposes, we have become placement ready for the Foster Care system. All thatbis left is paperwork. Now to get that pesky adoption application done. 3. The Ukraine Summer Camp application is in and we have put our preference in for placement. As soon as we raise enough funds to reserve her she is ours for the summer. She is a nine year old and adorable. Is shy loves to play with dolls and want a dog as a pet. I think she'll fit in fine here for 2 months. 4. Our new dog Timber is working out nicely. He is a 3 year old malamute and very lovable. I'll post pictures of him soon :). 5. Working hard at COP and subbing at FUSD. I now realize that teaching elementary school is my passion and love being back in the classroom. I am now working mostly on referrals so I have a lot of repeat placements. 6. Warner leaves for Mexico on February 15 for 10 days. It's his annual missions trip. I will be solo those days with the kids so it should be fun. When you see my crazy ravings just know I will survive.......probably. 6. Potty training is in sight. The kids are now 1 day dry again, so we'll see how they do tomorrow *crosses fingers*

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 Wrap Up

Okay Since I haven't posted in a while, I thought I'd do a quick wrap up of 2007. Charlie and Shebly continued to grow. They turned 3 years old this year and headed into being strong headed toddlers. We began potty training but have not mastered the skill just yet. They have begun to have relationships declaring "best friends" at school and at church.
After almost 2 decades of teaching Sunday School off and on I took a sobactical from the ministry. God willing, I plan on doing VBS this year but we'll see what life brings. I cuntinued to teach at COP but with our numbers down I found myself working less that I had been. This is why I started subbing at Fresno Unified again and plan to work a few days of the week there in the new year.
We started our journey towards adoption thi year as well with our completion of PRIDE classes and our preliminary assessment of the house. Hopefully soon we will have buttoned up the loose ends and will be able to be cleared for placement. We also have been looking into International adoption and may be hosting some orphans from the Ukraine this summer. Please keep liftinf our family up on prayer for direction and please pray for our little one no matter where he/she may be right now.
Warner's life was pretty mush the same as it has been in the past. He has been enjoying 4x4ing with his buddies and working for the phone company. He has also been doing a lot of repairs around the house. Right now, in fact, he's outside rebuilding the carburator on the powerwagon.
This year also marked some sadness in our life as well with the passing of Tilly our Siberian Husky. Tilly had been a part of our life for almost 9 years so it was sad to lose our fuzzy puupy espcially since it was unexpected. I think Molly misses her the most now that she is alone for the first time in her life, but we hope to remedy that in the New Year.
Another sad but happy loss this year was our cousin Ali in Michigan. Ali lost her battle with Luekemia right before Christmas this year. She was a vivacious 15 year old who had a faith in God past her Earthly years. Throughout her fight, Ali continued to raise money for her 2 favorite organization: Make A Wish Foundation and Luekemia/Lymphoma Societies. She continued to maintain good grades and even particpate in many activities in her community. I will always remember Ali with her bright pink room, her playful attitude, and her ability to shine no matter what the circumstances. Although she lived accross the country and we were unable to see her often, Ali will be missed in California.
Well it's off to another New Year. Who knows what 08 will bring? I do know it will be busy and full of surprises. We pray that you take the time this year not only to be prosperous but also to focus on the important things in life: God, family, and friends. May you always feel small when you stand by the ocean, give the stars more than just a passing glance, and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance. I HOPE YOU DANCE :).

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Updated Blog

Okay okay. I know I've been bad about updating the blog, so here it is. New pics for everyone to see. News in our lives???? Hmmmm. I have gone back to work part time at the day care in Auberry. It's a blessing to have a job where I can take my kids to work with me and have a place to leave them when need be. My friend Tiffany took over MOM this year so I am not as busy with that but just as busy with other things in my life. Warner Troy is still working hard and building his 4x4 rig. Everyday he finds something new to change/modify/make better. He has gotten the Shelby bug again and is dreaming of starting an Eleanor sometime soon. So what so I hear about all the time???? GT500. Guess it's a change from 4x4. Hopefully this year will be more about family and less about the things that make out lives hectic. Sometimes we just need to remember not to stop and smell the roses but examine the bug sitting on the petal with our little ones or find our inner Pteter Pan and learn to fly again. Here's to this year's great adventures!

Tea Party!

Shelby's first tea party with Grandmommy's tea cups. It's wonderful to work at a day care where my children feel safe and loved. Charlie decided to stay at school today so Shelby and I had our first tea party with finger sandwiches and fruit.
The pink hat???? Well, every proper lady wears a hat to their tea party. Right Ali???

Curves Works!!!! Really!!!!

For those of you who have talked to me recently, you have heard about my resolution to become healthy and fit. Well consider this:
Loss of weight: 10 lbs and still going
BMI: down 2 percentage points
Cholesterol: Down 100 point
Diabetes Level: Good
I also notice I have more energy and better moods when I get to the gym daily. I'll keep you updated as I continue my journey towards a great looking me!!!!

My Handsome Boy

Tis is Charlie (Warner Charles) in the front yard looking so handsome for Christmas. Charlie is all boy: full of energy and loves trucks. Yet he is also very locing and takes care of his sister. I am so proud of my son and love him more than words could express.

Once I thought that children were conditioned to be either feminine or masculine. While we do influence this behavior in children, I'm beginning to understand what parents say when they exclaim that boys will be boys. It just goes to prove what a wonderful God we serve who truly created seperate creatures when he created Adam and Eve. I can't wait to see what God molds my children into as they grow day by day.

My Precious Princess

Shelby is growing into a lovely little girl. This was taken in our front yard right before Christmas. Shelby the the traditional little girl who loves tea parties, dolls, and dresses. This was her first really fancy dress for Christmas this year.

Valerie Furby

This is our lastest member of the family, Valerie. She is our new sister who has moced in with Mom and Scott. Valerie is such a lovely young lady with a beautiful spirit. She has brought a breath of fresh air to the home. Can you believe Scott has a Myspace and listens to Justin Timberlake? We love you Val and are glad you have become a part of our family!!!!

Daddy's Girl

Katie and Dennis on Christmas Day, Susan's husband and daughter. Katie is becoming quite a busy young lady with her dance performances, soccer, and now violin. She is a beautiful and wonderful addition to the family!!!
Susan is back working at Mickey Cox as a noontime assistant. She loves coaching the school teams and being involved in Katie's School.
Dennis is working hard and traveling a lot but when he's home he loves to coach Katie's soccer team, play golf, and spend time with his Family.
Jason graduated this year and works full time at Sonic. He is back at home with the family as he he decides what he wants to do after high school.

Elias and Charlie Christmas Day

Even though they don't look it, the boys had their first real time to play together as boys instead of baby and big cousin. Long live cousins who like each other!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

We went to San Francisco for New Year's weekend and had a great time. This was our dinner out New Year's Eveat Cafe Claude, a seven course French meal. Yum! Now I can truly say I've tasted Foi Gras (YUCK!) and Truffles (OK).
Thank you Nama and Poopa for taking the kids for the weekend so we could get away and enjoy some couple time.
P.S. Kelley and Tray and Chris and Kristen: This just goes to prove that there really is life after twins eventually.

Good Bye Old Friend

The parts truck is officially going away!!!!!!
Warner Troy got someone to take it and give him more parts for the 4runner. One less run down truck in the yard!!!!! Now to find a home for the military trucks and all the parts that go along with it. Good bye old friend. I'll miss you. NOT!!!!

Making Juice with Daddy

Now that it's orange season in Claifornia, Waner Troy has started a tradition of making fresh squeezed juice with the kiddos. This was their first time making juice with Daddy thanks to a coworker's orange trees at Warner's work. The kids thought it was so funny to put the oranges on the juicer and had a great time starting a tradition with Daddy. I love having a hubby who wants to spend time with his kids.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Pumpkin in the Pumpkins

Shelby was so tired by the time we picked out pumpkins that all she wanted to do was sit in the wheelbarrow and hang out. What a cutie we are blessed with!

Ta Da!

Charlie sucessfully climbs the Hay Pyramid at the Pumpkin Patch.
What a fun day at the farm for a boy who loves the outside, dirt, and playing with his friends.

Pumkin Patch Fun

Shelby and Mommy on the tractor ride at the Cobb Ranch Pumpkin Patch. Notice the tie dye shirt the kids made at MOM the week before. Also note Sarah took this picture while on the tractor ride by herself.